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Blades of Heaven
Price: Developer: Indinera Aldorlea Games

Blades of Heaven is the story of Laura, a young mercenary, who is sent on her first major mission and discovers that things are not really what they look like. What is ahead of her? Who will be faithful and who will betray her? Play the game and find out!

Dark Ages
Price: Developer: DK Software

In Dark Ages, you must use both your sword and your wits to gather the medallion pieces that will put an end to the wizard Greyor's tyranny. This game is a refreshing return to the classic days of Dragon Warrior and the original Final Fantasies. Note: Players with Windows Vista/7 may need to use Dos Box to run this game.

Gem Attack
Price: Developer: Frag Lab

Gem Attack is an exciting Tetris-like puzzle. Line up colored crystals in groups of three or more to eliminate them. How long can you survive when the gems attack?

Laxius Power I
Price: Developer: Indinera Aldorlea Games

Random is a young man full of dreams, one of them being to become a true knight by winning a tournament in a faraway town. What he does not know is that his adventure will cross the road of the dreadful Dark Order, a group of necromancers with evil plans. This classic RPG contains 50-100 hours of playtime and 8 characters.

Laxius Power II
Price: Developer: Indinera Aldorlea Games

Laxius Power II (Destinies) features all 4 destinies of the main Laxius Power heroes: Random, Sarah, Luciana and Coryool as they take courses to learn and become promoted into new classes. If you enjoy classic RPG like Final Fantasy 3/6 or Breath of Fire, you should definitely give this game a try.

Laxius Power III
Price: Developer: Indinera Aldorlea Games

Laxius Power III: The Final Terror is the spectacular conclusion to the epic trilogy. Featuring a staggering 200 hours of gameplay, the Laxius Power saga brings you to one of the biggest worlds ever created in a free RPG. In this new installment, Random and his friends battle gruesome creatures in atmospheric settings.

Orbital Bricks
Price: Developer: Orbital Cows Software

This is a simple breakout game. If you would rather play a more advanced breakout game, try Nanotron.

Space Junk
Price: Developer: Orbital Cows Software

In Space Junk, you control a "calfstronaut" who has to clear out the junk floating in Earth's orbit. This game is a more modern clone of Asteroids.

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